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The Total Corporate Foundation, created in 1992 following the Earth Summit in Rio, has, over 16 years, devoted itself to the environment and, more specifically, marine biodiversity. It has broadened its commitments since 2008 and the Total Foundation now covers four areas: Community support in France, health, culture and heritage and the environment and marine biodiversity.

Community support: The Foundation seeks to identify and promote innovative actions aimed at facilitating young people’s access to employment in France. In particular, alongside the Ministries of Education and Youth, it is committed to the development of field projects, and can thus act sustainably on education, access to culture, mobility, equal opportunities, guidance and employability.

Health: The Foundation supports the Institut Pasteur in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in the developing countries in which it operates. Under the aegis of Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, this partnership provides support for research projects and community action programs.

Culture: The Foundation is partnering large French cultural institutions (the Louvre museum, Quai Branly museum, Institute of the Arab World, Pompidou Centre), whose exhibitions it regularly supports, in a desire to contribute to dialogue between cultures. It is in this spirit that it has chosen to partner up with the French Season in South Africa and, more particularly, the Danse l’Afrique danse ! Biennale.

Marine biodiversity: The Foundation encourages research aimed at better knowledge of marine and coastal species and ecosystems, along with issues related to their preservation. It also participates in the rehabilitation of fragile ecosystems and contributes to the preservation of the endangered species that live in these areas. Finally, it is dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge through  awarenessraising and education operations focused on the rational use of natural resources.

The Total Foundation also supports Total employees involved in projects of general interest. Since 2006, it has assisted in over 300 projects of general interest by associations in which employees are involved on a personal and voluntary level. In all its fields of activity, the Total Foundation, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, focuses on long-term partnerships. Going beyond financial support alone, the aim is to exchange and strengthen expertise to enhance collective intelligence.

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