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Sello Pesa (Lime Light on Rites)
Sello Pesa (Lime Light on Rites)


Saturday, October 6th – 5.00 P.M – Outside Soweto Theatre – 45 minutes

Sello Pesa / Ntsoana Contemporary Dance Theatre / South Africa

They dance when all other modes of communication have failed to get themselves seen or heard, when our body is all that remains, all that enables us to still be part of this world. It started as a joke, it ends as a tragedy. This occurrence begins with the exchange of a raw chicken for a parasol, an absurd ritual if ever there was one. This ends in solitary agony, with the embalming of capons, adorned like shrines. Meanwhile, Sello Pesa attacks the funeral rites and entire society in which death is referred as a commercial act or emphatic display. The performance takes place in the street, to the total indifference of the passers-by, who pretend not to notice these disturbing acts which include, for example, breaking a chair or stuffing poultry with cotton. Lime light on rites uses its glow to illuminate the current relationship with death in South Africa through this performance, which demystifies the dramatic side of ritual.

Choreography: Sello Pesa
Dancers: Sello Pesa, Humphrey Maleka, Brian Mtembu
Partners: originally produced in partnership with the Goethe Institute – Johannesburg
Premiere at GoetheonMain 2009, Jomba! Contemporary Dance
Experience 2010, presented on the Arena of the National Arts Festival and at the Mzanzi Fela Festival 2011

Contact : + 27 11 787 6311 /

Sello Pesa – Lime Light on Rites from Institut français on Vimeo.

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