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Sello Pesa (Inhabitant)
Sello Pesa (Inhabitant)


Wednesday, October 3rd – 4.30 P.M. – Bus Factory – 50 minutes

Sello Pesa / Ntsoana Contemporary Dance Theatre / South Africa

Inhabitant is a performance by choreographer Sello Pesa and light designer Vaughn Sadie given on a boulevard in Johannesburg which forces us to see the city and its inhabitants in a different light. At first, the performers dissolve into the urban setting, barely distinguishing themselves from the passers-by returning home, running or crossing. Gradually, while the audience waits, relationships to the public space appear different and compel the audience to get involved in the process of sorting the multitude of information inferred by the urban murmur and constant travel. Gradually, as the performance continues, it becomes increasingly risky, placing those who look on in an untenable position. Inhabitant plays on the reflex systems which determine each individual’s place in society and transfers highly political issues to a performative platform.

Choreography: Sello Pesa
Dancers: Sello Pesa, Humphrey Maleka,
Brian Mtemby, Samora Ntsebeza and extras
Visual Conception: Vaughn Sadie
Partners: originally produced in partnership with the Goethe Institute – Johannesburg.
With the support of: National Arts Council, South Africa. Premiere at the Dance Umbrella 2011, winner of the Critical Endeavour Award iDans Festival – Istanbul 2011.

Contact : + 27 11 787 6311 /


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