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Yuhl Headman (Internal Findings)
Yuhl Headman (Internal Findings)


Sunday, September 30th – 7.15 P.M. , Soweto Theatre – Esplanade – 25 minutes

Yuhl Headman / Sibikwa Art Dance Company / South Africa

How does one become a man? For the Xhosas, this involves an initiation rite which sends young boys up into the mountains for around three months, during which circumcision will be practiced. On their return, they are men. That is to say, capable of providing for themselves and supporting a family. Is this enough? Not so sure. Especially in today’s society, where definitions are blurred, where recognition of a group dissolves into the urban fabric. With extraordinarily well worked movements, suspended, elastic, all stretched out with sudden bursts coming together, Yuhl Headman explores this internal flaw which torments him, this doubt represented despite the discourse of tradition. This solo which combines the future with the past and the present at all times, seamlessly melding the inventiveness of an individual’s dance with the repetition of an ancestral form, proposes a universal reflection on existential feeling.

Choreography, dance: Yuhl Headman
Technician: TBC
Artistic director: Phyllis Klots
Managing director: Smal Ndaba
Advisor: Gregory Maqoma
UCT School of Dance
With the support of: Sibikwa Arts Centre / Dance Company.

Contact : + 27 722 486 837 /



Yuhl Headman – Internal Findings from Institut français on Vimeo.

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