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Seleme Sifiso (Ordinary)
Seleme Sifiso (Ordinary)


Tuesday, October 2nd – 4.00 P.M.  – Soweto Theatre – Blue Theatre – 50 minutes

Seleme Sifiso / South Africa

Everything is ordinary in Sifiso Seleme’s setting: a table, a chair, a screen. A woman comes to ask the audience to introduce themselves to their neighbours before the actions starts, and then gives way to the show. Credits scroll across the screen: music by Meredith Monk and Michael Jackson is announced. After the distribution comes the enumeration of every piece of clothing used, its brand and price. But the show does not start. The emptiness of an uninhabited everyday reality sets in. Sifiso Seleme appears as if he sprang from the screen, like a strange fashion plate in a more than normal pose. From pose to pose, Sifiso, like Sisyphus, winds back the current of normality, while a few well-chosen maxims flash up on the screen: “be brief”, “excellence is not an act but a habit” or “education is the discovery of our ignorance”. Meanwhile, the performer creates an atmosphere, evokes the military, standards, hides in a smoke screen and, with minimal effects, induces a sense of unease…

Choreography: Sifiso Seleme
Dancers: Sifiso Seleme, Bandile Seleme
Technician: Sibusiso Baloyi
Sound, video: Mndeni Sono
Partner: Goethe-Institut South Africa.
With the support of: Tanzfabrik Berlin.
Ntsoana receives funding from the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.

Contact : + 27 72 56 73 692 /

Seleme Sifiso – Ordinary from Institut français on Vimeo.


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