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Peter John Sabbagha (One Night Stand)
Peter John Sabbagha (One Night Stand)


Friday, October 5th – 8.00 P.M. – Soweto Theatre – Red Theatre – 45 minutes

Peter John Sabbagha / The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative / South Africa

We hear the sound of boots and laughter that literally explodes. Soon the steps become rhythms, evoking a kind of bleak and haunting industrial music. The characters seem like survivors of a piece by Pina Bausch resorting to reality TV. A screen forming the backdrop shows the passage of time, fragments of other stories, or an unexpected angle on what is happening on stage. As the dancers gradually lock in to the music of Nicholas Aphane, they join in unisons which spread straight away. The choreography is fast. The movements are so fluid that they curl with contortion, electrifying with their kicks followed by decelerations, wanes and surprising deadening effects. The sumptuous lighting by Thabo Pule and Mandla Mtshali takes us through different climates and atmospheres which help shape the strange world of One Night Stand. P.J. Sabbagha creates a visceral dance, which examines the impact of AIDS on the body of each individual.

Choreography: PJ Sabbagha
Dancers: Ivan Teme, Thabo Kobeli, Thami Majela, Charlston van Rooyen, Fana Tshabalala, Thulani Chauke, Tertia Coetzee, Rayan Mayne, Bonwa Mbontsi, Thapelo Kotolo, Andima Kula
Technicians: Mandla Mtshali
Lighting Design: Thabo Pule
Sound/Music composition: Nicholas Aphane
Video: Tumi Maloko
Co-production: originally commissioned for Dance Umbrella 2012.
The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative is funded by The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund.
This is Dance Company in Residence at The University of Johannesburg.

Contact : +27 82 560 96 87 /

Peter John Sabbagha – One Night Stand from Institut français on Vimeo.




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