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Michel Ateba (Résistance Farouche)
Michel Ateba (Résistance Farouche)


Saturday, October 6th – 6.00 P.M. – Soweto Theatre – Red Theatre – 30 minutes

Michel Ateba / X-Trem Fusion Cie / Cameroun

In Résistance farouche, hip hop is no longer an encounter with chance, or a desire for virtuosity. It’s a case, a dramatic situation, the work of a collective intention and, above all, an assertion, or rather a denunciation. That of the use of power in African states. Rather than use the gestural vocabulary related to hip hop, choreographers use this technique cautiously but wisely. Focusing our attention through original scenographic discoveries, he succeeds in expressing his sense of outrage by working on the group dynamics, alternating harmonies and contradictions. Supported by the rhythms of the djembe, the choreography focuses more on the whole than on a single feeling, more on a story told by movement than on a single imaginative vision. It must be emphasised that this creation is the act of a collective, X-Trem fusion, and really does bear these multiple signatures.

Choreography, dance: Eteme Atangana Blaise Julien, Ayissi Alexandre Hervé, Ateba Michel, Pounde Eric Marius, Mouafo Aurelien, Engono Engono Yann Cedric
Technicians: Nsem Romeo, Kibassa Otoké Guy Landry
With the support of: Institut français de Yaoundé, Abbé Simon, Moria.

Contact : + 237 97 23 49 76 /


Michel Ateba – Résistance farouche from Institut français on Vimeo.


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