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Thabiso Pule & Hector Thami Manekehla (Penis Politics)
Thabiso Pule & Hector Thami Manekehla (Penis Politics)


Wednesday, October 3rd – 9.30 P.M – Wits Museum of Arts – 30 minutes

Thabiso Pule & Hector Thami Manekehla / Thami & Thabiso / Afrique du Sud

Archaic representations are not realistic, but they die hard. Speaking an ideological language sometimes designed to hide a reality which is singularly more contrasted. Hence the emphasis on the penis, most often magnified as a phallus, which societies institute. As if they were transmitting the distant memory of homo erectus. Seizing this issue, pregnant in South Africa, where women are often mistreated and  subordinated, Thabiso Heccius Pule and Thami Hector Manekehla engage in a performance where they convert themselves into a penis and imagine its movements and thoughts. Can such a small thing take control of a whole man? Beyond the provocative humour that such an approach assumes, they also question the link with condoms and HIV contamination…

Choreography, dance: Hector Manekehla & Thabiso Heccius Pule
Production: Association Sud Sud, Geneva /Swiss.
Co-production: La Batie Festival of Geneva.
Special thanks to: Lerato Maphanga.
With the support of: The city of Geneva / Switzerland.
Supported by: Pro Helvetia Swiss Arts Council South Africa . Home Studios: Nyakaa Space-Soweto, Studios 44/Cie Gilles Jobin-Geneva, Arts link Switzerland/ Geneva.

Contact : +27 72 712 18 84 /
+27 79 634 33 45 /



Thabiso Pule & Hector Thami Manekehla – Penis Politics from Institut français on Vimeo.


Hector Thami Manekehla was born in Soweto South Africa; he started dancing in 1995 after leaving his favorite sport cricket. In 1998 he joined Soweto Dance Project under the directorship of Carly Dibakwane, were he met other choreographers. He was involved in various projects and collaborations with different choreographers and dancers from South Africa & abroad. Hector Thami Manekehla never went to any formal dance school; his knowledge of dance and performing in the arts comes from self-practice and attending lots of workshops in South Africa and abroad. He worked with the likes of Nelisiwe Xaba, Mamela Nyanmza, Reginald Danster, Gary Gordon, the late (George Mxolisi Khumalo), Augusto Cuvillias, Kettly Noel, Moya Michaels, Salva Sanchez, Mia Haugland Habib, Fabrice Lambart, Alfred Winkler, Bea Nikles, Morten Travik, Anabel Cairo Vega, Perig Vellirbu, Yoann Allex and many various artists from various disciplines within the arts.
In 2008 he created and directed KAROHANO-chief choreographed by him and co-choreographed by and Thabiso Pule & Haja Saranouffie. The piece won 1st prize in dans afrique dans competition that was organized by culturesfrance in tunisia.The piece was performed in different festival across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Although he never went to school, hector thami Manekehla has lot of experience in theatre as a performer, creator and director-he has gained international recognition thru his work. He is an active member of Sweet and Tender Collaborations network of artists.
During 2008 he was invited by a Norwegian company Mia Habib Production to participate in the 2nd SKITE/SWEET&TENDER COLLABORATIONS RESIDENCY MEETING which was held in Porto/Portugal, the company also invited him the following meetings- Living House/Dansen Husen ( Norway2009), Prisma Forum (Mexico 2009). He has also been in invited by Jean Marc Adolphe, chief director of Art Magazine (Mouvement) and he is also director of (Skite) in France-to number of residencies and performance meetings in Europe

Thabiso Pule started dancing in 1998 with the community group named Soweto Community Dance Project under director Carly Dibakwane. In 2003 he was introduced in choreography by attending different workshops that were hosted in South AfricaIn 2003 he was introduced in choreography by attending different workshops that were hosted in South Africa. Thabiso was exposed to different choreographers, both national and international standard. Choreographers like Nelisiwe Xaba, Gregory Maxoma, Moya Michel, Zweletho Sebolai ,Moeketsi Koena, Gregory Gordon, George Khumalo, Reginald Danster, Pule Molebatsi, Germain Akoni, Kettly Noel, Agusto Covilius and Fabrice Lambard.
2011 and 2012 he has been teaching at Macnificat organisation dance,
2011 Doing independent projects also worked under nyakaza space as a program coordinator.
Currently Creating a duet project titled Penis Politics with Thami Hector Manekehla.
2011 Performed and also managed a project called CAN DO IT, which was created for climate change and be performed at COP 17 climate change under the Goethe Institut of South Africa.
Since 2009 – 2011, he collaborates with Fleur d’Orange Company in different projects in Morocco as well as in South Africa: creations Mirage and EXPO, Action Dance Festival, Action Danse In Schools, dance umbrella.
In 2008 he was a project coordinator for CCDP (community choreographic development program) under Inzalo Dance and Theater Company and fund. He collaborated with Fleur d’Orange Company in Morocco and facilitated a lot of workshops in Morocco for orphanages and schools.
In 2008 in Tunisia, Thabiso was amongst 3 choreographers and interpreter of title work Karohano, which led the work to win the 1st price of “Danse l’Afrique Danse” biennale competition of Culturesfrance in Tunisia, together with Thami Manekehla and Haja Saranouffi.
tour : Festival of Carthage (Tunisia), Montpelier Danse, Théâtre de la Ville, Théâtre Olympia d’Arcachon, Théâtre Château Rouge d’Annemasse, Théâtre Champ Villon de Rouen, Théâtre de Pole-Sud de Strasbourg, Théâtre de la Bergerie à Noisy le Sec, Théâtre de Biarritz, Théâtre de Ifs, Théâtre a Trident a Cherbourg, Théâtre de la Madeleine Troyes (France), Grand Halle Komm onsel, Tanzhaus nrw a Dusseldorf (Germany), Juli Dance Festival (Amsterdam), Action Danse (Morocco), Centre Suzanne Delai a Tel Aviv, Théâtre of Ramala (Palestine), Centre of the dance (Jérusalem), Centre cultural Egia in Saint Sébastian (Spain), Arts Alive Festival – South Africa, KultureX sisonke fashion show (Austria 2007)
Festival “I Trôtra” (Madagascar 2006-2007),
He performed in other different events like : opening of the Parliament (Cape Town – South Africa 2005), « Dance Umbrella » festival (South Africa 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 et 2007), Interpret in « rhythm of Africa » for the carnival (Brasil 2004), « Grahamstown Art Festival » (South Africa 2001-2005), Festival « Maitisong » (Botswana 2004), « Arts Alive » (South Africa 1999, 2000, 2001), « Dance Manyano (1999-2000), « Till it make sense » solo choreographed by Thabiso Pule (South Africa 2003-2004)
He assisted Nelisiwe Xaba for her solo “they look and that’s what they can say” in 2006 and in 2005 with the choreographer Pule Molebatsi as assistant and dancer in the piece « we want to say something » (Maputo).

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