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Mamela Nyamza (Shift)
Mamela Nyamza (Shift)


Monday, October 1st – 9.00 P.M – Wits Museum of Arts – 20 minutes

Mamela Nyamza / Shift / Afrique du SudThe first image is forbidden to us: legs dangling in the void. Then we are immediately seized by the waltz of meanings, evolving transmutation, variations in turmoil. All kinds of clichés pass over us, while Mamela Nyamza’s legs begin running in the void. Tennis shoes, from which golden sand falls, wriggle, fastened to her bare feet. Zola Budd, the barefoot runner, old spikes, Apartheid, desert animals, the beach…. Yes, SHIFT is indeed forged out of these rapid changes, these accelerations of spirit. Throughout this piece, Mamela Nyamza multiplies the signs and directions, without ever losing sight of the essential aim – scrutinizing the world around us in minute detail and challenging prejudices of all kinds. With devastating humour, Mamela Nyamza plays the malignant, manipulating the audience with delicacy. Great art… undeniably choreographic !

Choreography, dance: Mamela Nyamza
Assistant direction: Hannah Loewenthal
Set design: Craig Leo
Music: Burial unreleased track: Stairwell
With the support of: British Council, Ackermans Foundation.

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