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Lucky Kele (Point 1,2,3)
Lucky Kele (Point 1,2,3)


Friday, September 28th – 8.00 P.M. – Soweto Theatre – Yellow Theatre – 10 minutes

Lucky Kele / South Africa

The room is empty. A rope hanging down at the forefront of the stage; a meagre opening – neither a door, nor a window. Too high to see or to escape. Supported by sepulchral music which is a siren and alarm at the same time, illuminated by dawn clouds and their fiery glow. Behind closed doors, we are invited to join Lucky Kele, an excellent South African dancer and choreographer who refuses the markers or dividing lines between traditional and contemporary dance. In this poignant solo he returns to life and death, questioning the evils which afflict humanity: disability, HIV, imprisonment, victimisation, rape… Elongations quickly recovered, tormented jerks and shakes – Lucky Kele’s choreography is a dance of despair and loneliness. In the place of hope, leading to enlightenment, only memory remains. The memory of a childhood diminished, left unanswered, dropped without a future.

Choreography, dance: Lucky Kele
Music: Mike Vargas – Untitled & Michael Wall – BOSOL Remix
Stage manager/sound: Thembela Hlatshwayo
Lighting Designer: Sebongiseni Dayi

Contact : +27 78 90 18 560 /

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