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Moeketsi Koena & Haja Saranouffi (Just we?)
Moeketsi Koena & Haja Saranouffi (Just we?)


Thursday, October 4th – 3.00 P.M. – Dance Factory – 50 minutes

Moeketsi Koena & Haja Saranouffi / New Company / South Africa & Madagascar

Zany duo Haja Saranouffi and Moeketsi Koena, joined by musician and performer Pascal Raymond, slip into multiple identities and embark upon frenzied rock. Their insane virtuosity is always combined with that touch of self-mockery, meaning that Just We? goes well beyond a theme or message. If there is a desire to tell the world, to question the boundaries or cultures induced by colonization, they are reluctant to be locked into the concrete side of things. They are not looking to take a stance, but rather to make proposals. Jumping from one image to another, they constantly move, with the possibility of shifting representation from one side to another, preferring to have fun with a discreet narrative style and gestures which do not allow themselves to be bogged down by codes or clichés. They go where their momentum carries them, on the alert for meetings and improvisation.

Choreography: Moeketsi Koena & Haja Saranouffi
Dancers: Moeketsi Koena, Haja Saranouffi with the musician Pascal Raymond
Technician: Alain Raharison
Sound: Pascal Raymond
With the support of: Institut français de Madagascar, Festival I’Trôtra.

Contact: + 261 33 12 148 93 /
+ 261 33 12 059 24 /

With the special support of the Institut français de Madagascar

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