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Hyacinthe Abdoulaye Tobio (Nar’O’Nar ou l’allée des 7 frères)
Hyacinthe Abdoulaye Tobio (Nar’O’Nar ou l’allée des 7 frères)


Thursday, October 4th – 9.30 P.M. – Soweto Theatre – Red Theatre

Hyacinthe Abdoulaye Tobio / Les Jeunes Tréteaux du Tchad / Chad

Simple; light; almost too much so – Hyacinthe Abdoulaye Tobio’s body fits like an ideogram into the empty space of the stage. The stones he has in his hands collide, while his silhouette flickers in permanent instability. Almost as soon as he lands on his feet, he advances forward, all his support in disequilibrium, with his body like a semaphore sending signals of distress. His memories return, those of his lost brothers, while his arms become lullabies, his legs a slender and clumsy animal. With his silent trajectories, he slips into the footprint of a gesture, a being, a breath between registration and trace, between hope and the illusion of seeing them again someday. To the concise music of Clara Del Campo, a violinist, singer and percussionist, Hyacinthe Abdoulaye Tobio puts his signature to a piece which juxtaposes refined elements and touches upon the essential heart of movement.

Choreography: Hyacinthe Abdoulaye Tobio
Music: Clara del Campo, Noubadoum Tolnguedji Rodrigue
Arrangement: Doungous François
Performers: Hyacinthe Abdoulaye Tobio, Mornodé Aimé
Technic and manager: Menonmakoudji Enagnon Beral Romuald
Production: Compagnie Les Jeunes Tréteaux du Tchad
With the support of: Scac, Ambassade de France au Tchad, Centre Chorégraphique national de Montpellier and Ministère de la Culture du Tchad.
Special thanks to: Cie Artincidence (Martinique) and l’Hotel Shaba de N’djamena.

Contact: + 235 62 46 71 51 /

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