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Gregory Maqoma & Florent Mahoukou (Wake up)
Gregory Maqoma & Florent Mahoukou (Wake up)


Sunday, September 30th – 8.00 P.M  – Soweto Theatre – Red Theatre – 30 minutes

Gregory Maqoma & Florent Mahoukou / Vuyani Dance Theatre Company / Afrique du Sud & Congo

Following a meeting between Gregory Maqoma and Florent Mahoukou in Bamako, during Danse l’Afrique danse ! 2010, Gregory Maqoma had the desire to bring his outsider’s view to On the Steps, the winning work by young choreographer Florent Mahoukou. Thus, Gregory Maqoma went to the Congo. Both artists discovered strong affinities in their vision of dance and choreographic techniques, despite their different cultural  backgrounds. They wanted to deepen this exchange and extend this spontaneous artistic complicity, rich in fertile synergy. They thus decided to create a joint work, committing the two companies to this original adventure. Focusing their research on suspension and jubilation in dance movement, they have created the Wake up project, which will be presented in this Biennale as work in progress.

Choreography: Gregory Maqoma, Florent Mahoukou
Dancers: Chris Babingui, Francia Louzolo Nkodia, Xolisile Bongwana, Gladwell Rakoma, Teresia Mojela
Music : Wesley Mabizela
Light, technician: Alexander Farmer

Contact : + 242 06 671 34 02 /
+ 27 11 838 7666 /



Born 16 October 1973

Before embarking on dance as a career choice, Maqoma’s interest in dance started during the political uprising in the late 80’s in Soweto as a way to escape the hush political tension growing in his place of birth.

Gregory Vuyani Maqoma started his formal dance training in 1990 at Moving into Dance. From then on he established himself as an internationally renowned dancer, choreographer, director, and scriptwriter for his works. When he founded Vuyani Dance Theatre (VDT) in 1999 Greg was at the Performing Arts Research and Training School (PARTS) in Belgium. Some works in his VDT repertoire have won him accolades. Among the awards in his name are: FNB Vita Choreographer of the Year in 1999, 2001 and 2002 for Rhythm 1.2.3, Rhythm Blues and Southern Comfort respectively. He got the Standard Bank Young Artist award in 2002. Maqoma was finalist in the Daimler Chrysler Choreography Award in 2002 and in the Rolex Mentorship Programme in 2003. Won the Gauteng MEC Awards in 2006 and 2007 for Beautiful Us and Beautiful Me respectively.

Maqoma is respected for his collaborations with artist of his generation. In 2006 collaborated with the British based Choreographer Akram Khan with the London Symphonietta to the music of Steve Reich. He also created Neon Flight for South African Ballet Theatre, which premiered in Russia in June. He began his ongoing collaboration with theatre director James Ngcobo in 2008 with ‘The Lion and the Jewel’, “The Hill” by Zakes Mda .In 2009 collaborated with James Ngcobo on “Crazy for Jazz” and “Thirst” .Maqoma was the head choreographer for the World Summit of Arts & Culture and presented ‘3 Colours’ with Brett Bailey. In 2010 choreographer for a Hugh Masekela project  “Songs of Migration” produced by the Market Theatre and collaboration with James Ngcobo on the adaptation of “Master Harold and the Boys” produced by Theatre on the Square. Maqoma was selected as head choreographer for the FIFA World Cup Kick-Off Concert to be held in Johannesburg, Soweto in June 2010. In 2011 collaborated on “Sunjata” with James Ngcobo produced by the Market Theatre. He won The Dance Manyano Choreographer of A Decade Dance award 2011.  In 2012 Maqoma was part of the creative team behind the ANC Centenary Celebration, Dance and Theatre Musical, Tshihumbudzo’

Maqoma was Associate Artistic director Moving Into Dance 2002 – 2007 and for FNB Dance Umbrella Festival 2010. He was Artistic Director of the Afro-Vibes Festival in the Netherlands and UK 2004 – 2010.  In 2011 Maqoma was invited to be part of the dance committee for the National Arts Festival.

Maqoma teaches at various universities in Africa, USA and Europe including, University of California (UCLA), Bates College (USA), Bennington College (USA) and has created repertoire for Moving into Dance, Jazzart Company, South African Ballet Theatre, and Cape Performing Arts amongst others.

‘Dance has given a platform to establish artistic directions, to communicate qualities and values addressing our fundamental humanity, to be audacious and bold in dealing with contentious political and gender issues and most important to establish myself as an important element in the history of contemporary African dance in this country and beyond’. Gregory Maqoma

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