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Gladys Tchuimo (Voler de ses propres ailes)
Gladys Tchuimo (Voler de ses propres ailes)


Monday, October 1st – 6.00 P.M. – Dance Factory – 35 minutes

Gladys Tchuimo / Cie Poolek / Cameroon

No. Gladys Tchuimo refuses to believe in fate. Especially if it’s a question of complaining or lamenting one’s fate. In Voler de ses propres ailes, she juxtaposes energetic movements with the explicit title. She demonstrates her corrosive humour, positioning an idle youth back to back with a society which dismisses him. Unnecessary expenditure, movements which languish or are repeated in vain. Through gesture, the choreographer successfully translates a kind of double discourse, which the word alone is unable to maintain. Neither hip hop or contemporary, but with an original vocabulary emphasising the fluidity and flexibility of the torso, not forgetting a few «jazzy» surges. Gladys Tchuimo describes a vain humanity with ridiculous pretentions. From this bitter reality, she brings out a kind of reflection where discussion and commentary are interleaved and where autonomy, whether individual or African, remains the central theme.

Choreography: Gladys Tchuimo
Dancers: Aurélien Mouafo, Alexandre Hervé Ayissi, Célestine Clémence Ngantonga Ndzana, Fabrice Ottou
Technicians: Hervé Tomta Nouha, Herman Tchuente
Sound: Amadou Kiénou & Roland Hardtner (Percussion Mallet), Brenda Fassie, Stypak Samo, Enya
Special thanks to: Katrin Sinon

Contact : +237 77 74 62 77 /
+237 96 67 95 77 /

Gladys Tchuimo – Voler de ses propres ailes from Institut français on Vimeo.



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