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Gaby Saranouffi (Soritra)
Gaby Saranouffi (Soritra)


Monday,  October 1st – 6.00 P.M – Dance Factory – 35 minutes

Gaby Saranouffi / Cie Vahinala / Madagascar

They stand at the edge of the stage, close to the precipice or on the edge of existence. “Clicks” and cries soon tear through the silence. Breathing, blowing. Alive. Suddenly whirling, falling, rising, the dancers take possession of the stage. With extraordinary speed associated with fixed qualities, the choreography develops an incredible energy. Tôty’s music swells with the sounds of a primeval forest – cries, rustling, strange hooting, sometimes pierced with children’s voices. Gaby Saranouffi was inspired by the Diampanorona (a game of both strategy and divinatory art), created around 1575 by King Andriatompokoindrindra and reserved for the royal family, to invent this choreographic system. Soritra means Trace in Malagasy. The one we leave behind. The one we lose. The ones printed on the body. An inner journey, Soritra is a kind of dialogue between the living and the dead, between memory and the flesh, between remembering and forgetting. And, in this haste to retain the fleeting moment, past and present come together.

Choreography: Gaby Saranouffi
Dancers: Gaby Saranouffi, Haja Saranouffi, Handry Ramarotafika
Technician: Alain Raharison
Sound, video: Tôty
Co-production, partners: Compagnie Vahinala, Institut français de Madagascar
Special thanks to: Institut français de Madagascar, Festival I’Trôtra

Contact: / + 261 33 28 705 61

With the special support of the Institut français de Madagascar

Gaby Saranouffi – Soritra from Institut français on Vimeo.

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