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Franck Michel Bakekolo (250 kms à pied en deux jours)
Franck Michel Bakekolo (250 kms à pied en deux jours)


Sunday, September 30th – 9.00 P.M. – Soweto Theatre – Red Theatre – 35 minutes

Franck Michel Bakekolo / Cie Trio / Congo

250 Kilomètres à pied en deux jours (250 kilometers on foot in two days) is the distance covered by the choreographer between Brazzaville and Kindamba, his native village, during the war (1998-2000). Following this, he spent three months in Ngoungoula forest, with driver ants and snakes. A year of suffering. From these trials was born this feverish, fierce, uncompromising trio. They leave. Alone. Without saying a word. The bodies come together, focus. Bent forward, curved towards the future, seized by urgency, with a murderous insanity bearing down on them as the helicopters whirl. Walk. Breathe. Turn around. Walk again. Make sure no one is following. Blow out your breath. Step over the bodies. Run. Move forward. Don’t be passive. Eliminate those who stand in the way. Move forward. Fight. Cross. The feeling that the skeleton is becoming dislocated, the body is becoming a carcass. Run. Walk. Stop. Dead.

Choreography: Franck Michel Bakekolo
Dancers: Franck Michel Bakekolo, Nkounkou Nkodia Deraut Jones, Mahoungou Mbenze Weihnachten Emariel
Music: Mbelani Aziany
Technician: Cléo Konongo
Administration and production: Association Guénave

Contact : + 242 6 99 21 032 /
+ 33 (0) 6 34 61 65 51 /

Franck Michel Bakekolo – 250 kms à pied en deux jours from Institut français on Vimeo.


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