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Desiré Davids (Who Is This ? … Beneath My Skin)
Desiré Davids (Who Is This ? … Beneath My Skin)


Tuesday, October 2nd – 5.00 P.M. – Soweto Theatre – Yellow Theatre – 35 minutes

Desiré Davids / South Africa

In a country, South Africa, where skin colour has predominated in defining value, métis or “coloured” Desiré Davids questions the reality of the being “beneath the skin”. The stage, firstly occupied by a parcel marked “handle with care”, comes alive with lights. It’s a “photo”, taken obliquely, striking us between the eyes. She appears, swathed in bubble wrap, while a vertiginous collection of memories and “old skins” turn on a thread: those we would like to get rid of, in order to exist. Taken with transparency effects, she appears and disappears, too white or in black shadow, as if plunged into this photographic bath, sealed, magnified by the lens cuts, frozen in an immobile movement, while the dance unfolds, in precarious suspense. A true work of simultaneity between Pascale Beroujon’s camera and Desiré Davids’ choreography, WHO IS THIS?… Beneath my skin brings out the light from within, so that we are free to be.

Choreography, dance: Desiré Davids
Lighting: Serge Damon
Photos & Video: Pascale Beroujon
Production: Floating Outfit Project
Co-production: Centre for the Creative Arts, UKZN, Jomba! 2010.
With the support of: Montpellier Danse 2011 / C.N.C.D.C. de Châteauvallon, Ollioulles / Institut francais / Programme Afrique et Caraïbe en créations.

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