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Bertrand Marc Moada Yakana (Nihang^an)
Bertrand Marc Moada Yakana (Nihang^an)


Thursday, October 4th – 6.30 P.M. – Soweto Theatre – Blue Theatre – 30 minutes

Bertrand Marc Moada Yakana / Cie Guilili / Cameroon

Bertrand Marc Moada Yakana’s story is, first and foremost, one of family. Aware that his culture from the Mbam region of Cameroon was disappearing, he mobilized his brother and two uncles to take their heritage to Africa through the rhythms and choreographic vocabulary of his province. Thus, Nihanga^an was born. Deploying this ancestral form of movement on the contemporary scene, the Yakana brothers were able to acclimatise it to our era. The extensions of their arms, the tremors of every muscle, the eddies of their busts combine in mysterious harmony with the indistinct roughness which cuts through and carves out the piece, or swells with a roar, then returns to silence. Singing ensues. Cries, clapping hands, feet stamping or slipping, running feet which gain momentum in the air… A dance which is blowing and vibrating, calling us back to life.

Choreography: Moada Yakana Marc Bertrand
Dancers: Bilima Yakana Fabien, Baga Yakana Eric, Alaka Yakana Alain Claude, Moada Yakana Marc Bertrand
Music: Hoe Raho, Andao Ene Holy, Tiharea
Administration: René Tchiwu

Contact : +237 99 12 38 10 /
+237 77 91 04 42 /

Bertrand Marc Moada Yakana – Nihang^an from Institut français on Vimeo.

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