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Amaël Ronan Mavoungou (Peperi en Ofthalmois)
Amaël Ronan Mavoungou (Peperi en Ofthalmois)


Thursday, October 4th – 9.00 P.M. – Soweto Theatre – Red Theatre – 20 minutes

Amaël Ronan Mavoungou / Cie Dibobe / Gabon

In camouflage pants and looking tired, so tired, Amael Mavoungou brings together the deceptive politician and the citizen blinded by promises in a single body. With a rather minimalist economy of movement, his postures superimpose multiple identities and names. Oriented, addressed, imbued with common sensibility, his gestures touch upon the comedy of power and the futility of believing in it. Under the light of pallid projectors and a beacon tower revolving with lassitude or alarm, Amael Mavoungou seems to be registering an infinite complaint with the passing of time. Letting choreography which refuses virtuosity or effect to echo in the silence, he makes each movement at a slow speed, inviting reflection. Piment dans les yeux is not the first work by this choreographer to include political content. He has already created Plainte contre X, which aims to deconstruct all the clichés about Africa.

Choreography, dance: Amaël Mavoungou (Alüby)
Co-Production: Centre national de danse contemporaine d’Angers, “Essai” training.
Special thanks to: Emmanuelle Huynh and CNDC d’Angers’s team, Min Tanaka, Nuno Bizarro, Jennifer Megan Lacey, students of ESSAI 4’ training.
With the support of: Institut français / Visa pour la formation 2011.

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Amael Ronan Mavoungou – Peperi en Ofthalmois (Le piment dans les yeux) from Institut français on Vimeo.


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