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Fana Tshabalala (Gates of Hell 1)
Fana Tshabalala (Gates of Hell 1)


Vendredi 5 Octobre – 16h, Soweto Theatre – Blue Theatre – 25 minutes

Fana Tshabalala / Afrique du Sud

L’atmosphère gémit et grince, seul, un homme perdu dans l’immensité, tourne, en proie à quelle peine, dans l’air noir. Ses mutations n’ont pas de trêve dans les ténèbres. Il mène ses jambes avec sa rage. Ses bras qui le portent comme des ailes le précipitent dans un vide, où saisi de crainte, il rappelle les ombres dans son corps. Maintenant il s’en va en cercles apeurés, en courses désespérées et tombe comme un corps mort. Aux portes de l’Enfer. Avec sa gestuelle limpide et plutôt fougueuse, Fana Tshabalala, signe cette pièce simple et poignante, tout en continuant à être interprète dans la  compagnie sud-africaine Moving into Dance. Il a par ailleurs travaillé pendant six mois dans la compagnie Michel Kélémenis où il a incarné Anatom dans L’Amoureuse de Monsieur Muscle. Gates of Hell 1 sont sa troisième chorégraphie.


Chorégraphe, interprète : Fana Tshabalala

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Fana Tshabalala started his career within the performing industry by being involved in different community groups such as Vuku Zenzele Cultural Group (Assistant Director), Sonqoba Cultural Group (Performer), Pheelo Dance Company (Dance Trainee), Motswako Performing Artists (Performer) and he was a Dance director in Vuka African Artists. He also worked with Vaal Sounds Chorus as Dancer.

He was accepted as a student to be part of the MIDM FETC in Performing Arts. As part of his studies he choreographed a solo dance work entitled “As it is two in one” (initially entitled “Conversation between HE and he”) which he also performed as part of the FNB Dance Umbrella’s Stepping Stones in 2007. The following year He presented his solo entitled “Ukunxanwa” at FNB Dance umbrella.

He is presently a Moving into Dance’s Performance Company member and he continues to show his performance flair in various production such as Hanano by Vincent Mantsoe, Flesh by Gregory Maqoma Batsumi by Thabo Rapoo and Sylvia Glasser and Lebo Mashile on the Dance piece entitled “Threads” and many more including his work

Fana is also applying his teaching skills in MIDM Open Class programme. He continues being instrumental in teaching MIDM signature style Afrofusion and contemporary dance all of his classes have been met with a lot of enthusiasm. His choreographic talent has been effectively used in projects such as the Rock Challenge which reaches over 3000 participants from different schools in Gauteng.
In 2009-2010 he got a chance to work with European choreographer Michel Keleminis for the period of six month, in his work with Kelemenis he learnt and performed the role of Anatom in “L’Amoureuse de Monsieur Muscle’ the work toured around France, reaching places like, Nancy, Marseille, Nancy, Dunkerque and many more. His also worked with Kelemenis on his new Solo tilted “That side” which his going bring with him back to South Africa. Fana also got a privilege to his own work titled “Lost and Found” both works were performed in Avignon. Facilitated dance workshops for different schools in France and artists as well.

He performed Michel Kelemeni’s solo “That side” in Zimabwe hi-fi festival, Jomba festival in durban and both Solo in Moving into Dance season that took place in October.
In 2011 he choreographed a group work entitled “Fractured” together with Moving Into Dance Mophatong professional company, The worked was performed at the Dance umbrella as part of the main programme and also performed his solo entitled “Lost and Found’ at the Francophonic organize by the French institute of South Africa. He is also currently running a site specific project as a choreographer and an Artistic Director, the project is running in different places with different community groups, places are; Soweto, Alexandra, Diepsloot and Tembisa, this project is aiming at creating new performance spaces outside, so that community utilize what is already available.

He was also involved in an international choreographic workshop that took place in Johannesburg newtown and all his work created in the workshops were well received. In September the 6 and 7 2011, He performed his new solo, in New Dance the work is entitled ‘Une Rupture’, the work has been performed again in France at the Klap maison pour Dance and Caen choreographique centre.

Fana was in residency at France working on his new commissioned work titled “Gates of Hell/le porte de l’enfer” which was performed as duet in February Dance umbrella festival(South Africa) and between March and April in 2012 he was touring around South Africa with his work Une Rupture, the tour was part of the Celebration of the Francophonie in Africa.

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