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Preface by Steven Sack, Soweto Theatre
Preface by Steven Sack, Soweto Theatre

It is a great honour for the brand new Soweto Theatre to be associated with the French Season in South Africa. When we began planning the launch of the theatre and the opening Season, the opportunity to include a major African showcase of dance, was something not to be missed. We jumped at the chance to be associated with Danse l’Afrique danse ! 9th edition and we are  delighted to welcome many dances from South Africa and the African continent to Soweto, and to share this major event with our friends at the Market Theatre, the Dance Factory and the Wits Theatre.

Soweto has a rich history of dance and has produced many talented dancers who have performed on stages throughout the world. Danse l’Afrique danse ! 9th edition will be a tribute to and a  continuation of the work of all these dancers that have helped to create a distinctly South African dance language. Whilst it is recognised that dancers from South Africa have excelled over the  past decades, there is general concern that we may not be maintaining standards and not paying sufficient attention to the needs for investment in dance.

We hope that by hosting the 9th edition of Danse l’Afrique danse ! , we will help to reinvigorate dance in Soweto, Johannesburg and South Africa and help to contribute towards the on-going  development of dance across the African continent. We look forward to welcoming the contemporary dancers of Africa to Soweto and the opportunity to experience their productions. We wish to  thank the partners and sponsors without whom this would not be possible: the National Arts Council of South Africa, Institut français, the French Season in South Africa, OIF, Réseau Culture  and Total.

Steven Sack
Acting CEO: Soweto and Promusica Theatres

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