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Bertrand Tchébé Saky (Demnâ)
Bertrand Tchébé Saky (Demnâ)


Friday, October 5th, 5.00 P.M. – Soweto Theatre / Blue Theatre – 20 minutes

Bertrand Tchébé Saky / Cie Synchro / Senegal

He is alone, sitting on a cushion. African songs are heard in the distance, while the air hums with strange chirping noises, as he sets off. His duty is not to stand still. He has an essential path to follow. His feet are thirsty for it. This is the road that leads him on, forcing him forward, no way to resist. With his rolling, balling dance, his exasperated body, throwing himself forward in haste, Bertrand Saky Tchébé is both the dream of a profound Africa and the desire to go towards the other. A man caught in a conflict between roots and identity. Mixing an ekaloyé song with the sounds of the city, the visually understated choreography avoids the demonstrative, successfully using a discrete but effective narrative. Demnâ, with its percussive surges and their repercussions on the body, reveals the currents of the earth which carry incomers forward.

Choreography, dance: Bertrand Saky Tchébé
Scenography: Laurent Gachet
Music: Chkrrr (song composed by Saky and arranged by Chkrrr)
Special thanks to: Germaine Acogny, Helmut Vogt, Christophe Raynaud de Lage, Vincent Cardona, tribu du Cercle Aldébaran, Monique Barbaroux, Brigitte Hyon, Armelle Frangeul, Marina Rocco.
With the support of: Centre national de la danse.

Contact : +(33) 6 46 55 80 85 / +221 77 544 71 75 /
(a+b)productions: +33 (0) 6 14 49 41 97 /

With the special support of the Institut français du Sénégal

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