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Julie Iarisoa & Peter Nkoghé (Zone de turbulence)
Julie Iarisoa & Peter Nkoghé (Zone de turbulence)


Friday, October 5th, 7.00 P.M. – Soweto Theatre / Blue Theatre – 30 minutes

Julie Iarisoa & Peter Nkoghé / Cies Anjorombala  & Mboloh / Madagascar & Gabon

One is Malagasy, the other Gabonese. Julie Iarisoa and Peter Nkoghé compare their experiences of dance and life in Zone de turbulence. This zone is primarily a grey area, from which a couple emerge, dressed in shiny red. A shell, festive clothing or stage costumes – we are unable to tell. Through a subtle play on light, the space gradually defines and multiplies itself, while the duo becomes hasty, imperious, hurried, anxious perhaps. The music, played live by Scen’art, mixes traditional instruments with electric guitars, making the dance hectic, spasmodic, jerky, playing on the accelerations and abrupt interruptions. Zone de turbulence resembles those countries where life is more a question of survival than living. Dance is put forward as a political act. Little by little, a video distils images and words: “Rebel, former rebel insurgent, resolute, what should we call you today?” and “Are we dead when we sleep?”

Choreography, dance: Peter Nkoghé & Julie Iarisoa
Music: Band Scèn’Art with Guy Serge Boulingui and Guy-Narcisse Goma
Design: Chris Duplech
Technician: Antoine Cannella
Light: Modeste Mbombé
Co-production: Institut français de Madagascar, Institut français du Gabon, CDC La Termitière.
Special thanks to: Seydou Boro, Alain Monteil and Salia Sanou.
With the support of: Institut français / Programme Afrique et Caraïbe en créations, Alliance française de Dar es Salaam, Festival V2D – Tanzanie.

Contact : +261 34 06 63 251 /
+241 07 90 75 01 / + 33 (0)6 59 60 51 93 /

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